Question About Getting Dentures

I was wondering if a person is actually put to sleep when the remaining teeth are removed before an individual get dentures? Also, are all the teeth removed at the same time?

– Lawrence in Oregon


Typically all of the teeth are extracted in one dental visit. It is up to the patient as far as the sedation level they elect. IV sedation and oral sedation are sedation dentistry options that will put them into a sleep-like state. Their protective reflexes are still functioning, but they will remember little to nothing about the appointment. Other individuals elect to go with local anesthesia so they are awake for the procedure. Not every dentist possesses the proper training and credentials for IV and oral sedation, so make sure you check that your dentist offers those services.

There are many denture options to help people that are missing all their teeth. A popular choice is the immediate denture which is actually placed right away, right after the teeth are removed. This means you don’t have to go for any time without teeth. This particular treatment also helps reduce swelling and the level of bleeding after having multiple teeth extracted. You are looking at a higher fee with immediate dentures when you compare it to conventional dentures. This higher fee is due to the extra visits that are required to follow-up with the patient to make sure everything is fitting appropriately, as well as the adjustments that will need to be made. One of these types of dentures is called teeth in an hour. Ask your dentist if you are a candidate.

Conventional complete dentures are not actually placed in the mouth until after about eight weeks. This time period allows for healing to take place. Although, may patients feel that they do end up having a better fit in the long run. What happens during the healing process is that the tissue will shrink and the bone becomes a bit loose. So the denture is relined with a soft material that makes it easier to refit. Six months after the procedure is when you can expect to be completely healed from the trauma of the teeth extractions. At that time, you will need to get a permanent liner placed in the denture.

Meet with you dentist and make sure you ask for all of your options upfront. Many denture patients don’t realize how uncomfortable dentures can be, how much their chewing efficiency is reduce, or realize the potential for a condition called facial collapse. Your body actually resorbs the jawbone because you no longer have teeth. Placing as little as two dental implants will not only secure your denture, but it will prevent bone loss around the implant. So be sure to explore you options before committing to any kind of treatment.

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