Dental Implant Treatment Planning

Here we explain how your treatment will progress, depending upon your situation and the demands of your dental implant treatment protocol.

Many dentists who do implant restorations will shortcut this process, but thorough planning and treatment is a hallmark of Dr. Arthur Chal’s practice. He is determined to give you the best care possible. If you want to be fully restored to health, so that you can eat comfortably, look natural, and feel good about yourself, we strongly urge you not to look for shortcuts.

Treatment is divided into three phases. Below you find links to all three phases of the dental implant process.

Phase 1:

Information-gathering, diagnosis, analysis, and case planning.
Work on tooth replacement prototypes. We offer additional information about the careful implant diagnostics needed for successful implant treatment.

Phase 2:

The mandibular (lower arch) treatment usually comes first because the bone loss is fastest here, and patients have the greatest difficulty wearing conventional dentures on the lower.

Phase 3:

We usually finish with treatment of the maxillary (upper arch).

Many people are interested in Teeth-in-an-hour. The prospect of being able to get your dental implants placed and restored all in one appointment is appealing. Read about this option – how this is done, and the advantages and disadvantages of this choice.

There are many ways to restore a mouth, depending on your individual needs and budget. Dr. Chal believes in giving you as much information as you want about your choices and the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

We also have information posted about the Chal-Hatcher Guide, developed by Dr. Chal and his dental implant radiologist, Dr. David Hatcher.

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