Nancy’s Story

Nancy-before-faceTroubled with chronically inflamed dental implants and annoyed by food that always got impacted between her teeth and her gums, Nancy came from Colorado, seeking help at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. From there, she was referred to Dr. Chal, due to his expertise in complex cases such as this.

When Nancy arrived at Dr. Chal’s office, she was reluctant to smile, as this “before” photograph shows.

An examination showed that the implant fixtures (root forms) were improperly placed. The surgeon had placed them at the crest of the ridge of her upper jawbone. Without proper knowledge and understanding of restorative dentistry, this may have seemed like a logical place. However, in order to try to make the teeth work with this particular placement of dental implants, Nancy’s original restorative dentist was forced to move the teeth further to the front. In other words, the teeth were out of alignment with the implants, an unhealthy situation.
Food would get caught under her front teeth, in the place marked by the arrow in the photograph below. This photo also demonstrates how the implants are not placed in line with the teeth where they should be.

nancy-before-markedDr. Chal also noted an improper configuration in the two posterior dental implants, seen in the lower left-hand corner of this photograph. The crowns had come off the implants within a week of being placed. The reason? The implants were round rather than a hexagonal shape. Single tooth restorations, which are subject to rotation, require anti-rotational shapes or they will come loose.

Unfortunately, in order to restore form and function to Nancy’s teeth, all of her implants had to be removed, and new implants needed to be placed in locations where they would be able to work properly.

nancy-occlusal-afterIf proper restorative planning is done prior to implant placement, dentists can avoid this type of incorrect placement. Dr. Chal studies every case carefully and first plans where the teeth should be placed for proper function and esthetics. He then prepares a surgical guide for the surgeon placing the implants, in an effort to avoid any error in the final result. Sadly, few implant dentists go through this trouble.

The photograph on the right shows the result of Dr. Chal’s restorative work, with all the implants properly located. It’s a solid result that will leave Nancy comfortable, functional, and with a beautiful smile for many years to come.

nancy-smile-afterA closeup of her “after” smile shows how attractive it now looks.

Nancy-after-faceWhich explains why Nancy now smiles much more easily.

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