John’s Story

When John first arrived at Dr. Arthur Chal’s office, he already had dental implants placed throughout his mouth. However, the procedure had not yet been completed – John was still wearing a rudimentary removable partial denture. This meant that although the root forms had been placed in his jaw, the visible crowns of the teeth had not yet been finished.

Unfortunately, when Dr. Chal examined John, he found that the implants had been improperly placed. This irregular placement was a direct result of an oral surgeon placing the dental implants without considering a restorative plan. John’s restorative needs were likely not accounted for because this particular oral surgeon did not have an understanding or appreciation for restorative dentistry. To ensure proper treatment, our dentist explained that all of the implants would have to be removed and re-done in order for the porcelain crowns (restorations) to be implemented.

john-face-before-mScenarios like John’s case are all too common in dental implant treatment; however, it is a recipe for trouble. Even if the oral surgeon creates a restorative plan, it is often vague and comes down to a matter of the dentist eyeballing what “looks right.” Fortunately, in order to ensure the greatest stability and longevity of the final result, Dr. Chal initially plans the exact placement of the teeth prior to referring his patients to an oral surgeon. He then provides his surgeon with a template that guides them, helping them to properly place each implant exactly where it belongs.

john-smile-beforeTo the right are John’s “before” photographs. He shows typical jaw shrinkage, which occurs when teeth have been missing a long time. (For more information about this, please read our page about facial collapse.) John was also suffering from not being able to chew properly, as well as an embarrassing esthetic situation.

john-face-after-mJohn not only lost a considerable amount of money from treatment that had to be re-done, but he also lost a lot of time. The implants had to be removed, and the jaw required time to heal. Once healed, John had to undergo the entire dental implant process all over again.

Thankfully, with proper restoration, the happy ending is shown in the “after” photographs on the right. John’s dental implants function like natural teeth, and he is happy and confident with his appearance.

john-smile-afterA close-up of John’s smile after Dr. Chal’s restorative work reveals a natural and relaxed look.

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