Successful Retreatment of Implant Failures

Finding an experienced dentist who knows proper technique for placing dental implants is extremely important. Unfortunately, there are many things that can potentially go wrong with dental implants – and when they do, they can be serious. In fact, Dr. Chal has worked as a dental expert witness for many years, assisting patients from all over the country in legal cases – over half of the cases he encounters are regarding dental implant issues.

When it comes to general dentistry, if something goes wrong, you might end up losing a tooth. However, when things go wrong with dental implants, the health of your entire body is at risk. Dental implantology involves both a restorative and a surgical aspect. Some dentists rely heavily on an oral surgeon to assist them with creating the final treatment plan for their dental implant patients. Unfortunately, this can often become problematic because oral surgeons are typically less knowledgeable about the restorative side of dentistry. Dr. Chal has an understanding of both the restorative and surgical sides of dental implantology, which allows him to more effectively lay out a specific and accurate treatment plan for the oral surgeons he works with.

Below, you can learn about patients who were originally treated by dentists who were either improperly trained or were not adequately knowledgeable about dental implant procedures. After these treatments failed, causing complex issues for these patients, they found Dr. Chal – one of the only dentists with the knowledge and capability to remedy these types of cases. Due to Dr. Chal’s expertise, he has become a trusted authority in this field and has had a number of these patients referred to him by Mayo Clinic of Scottsdale.


Click here to read more about Brenda’s story.


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Brenda came in with persistent infections, continuous numbness and pain in her lower lip. It was discovered that three implants had been placed in her nose, and extensive rehabilitation was necessary.

Click here to read more about John's horror story.

Click here to read more about John’s horror story.

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John came in as a victim of poorly planned implant dentistry. He had visited an oral surgeon who placed a mouthful of dental implants for John without any restorative planning at all. Since the implants were improperly placed, they all had to be removed and John had to have Dr. Chal start his treatment over from the beginning.


Click on each picture for a larger photo.

Click on each picture for a larger photo.

Rich was suffering with an existing denture that was impossible to wear. He actually appeared at his first appointment in our office with his denture in a coffee cup. You can see, in the before picture, how uncomfortable he is when he actually puts it in his mouth.



Read Nancy’s Story

Nancy came to the Mayo Clinic from Colorado for help with her chronically inflamed dental implants. She didn’t want to smile. The dental implants had to be completely redone, but the results were wonderful.


These photographs illustrate a dental implant horror story that never happened, thanks to Dr. Chal’s timely intervention with just the right tools on hand.

We encourage you to read about how this dental implant horror story was avoided.

These radiographs show a dental implant that has been placed too close to the nerve and with inadequate bony support. This can cause nerve inflammation, constant pain, and a loose dental implant. Correct dental implant placement requires three-dimensional CAT scans and careful planning.


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