Removable Partial Dentures

If you have several missing teeth, one option for replacing them is with a removable partial denture.

These tooth replacements vary in complexity and durability from elaborate systems of clasps and teeth to simple plastic pieces with clips on them.

To the right is a picture of a standard removable partial denture. Grooves and planes may be ground into the surface of some of the teeth so that the appliance will fit securely, will not unduly stress the teeth it is attached to, and will remain in place while eating and talking. When made well, they can be very comfortable, but it is always noticeable that something foreign is in your mouth, and a period of adjustment is always required.

removable partial dentures
A dental flipper partial is a much simpler device and much less expensive to make. An acrylic tooth is fastened to an acrylic plate, and metal clips may be fashioned to help hold it in place. However, a dental flipper isn’t very securely fastened, and it may have to be removed for eating. It is generally recommended only as a temporary tooth replacement.

With either device, they need to be removed and the mouth cleaned after every time you eat. If not, the places where they clip onto your teeth will tend to decay very readily. There are a lot of disadvantages to a removable partial, and it isn’t recommended as a permanent treatment.
diagram of flipper removable partial dentures
Experienced implant dentist Dr. Arthur Chal constructs all of these appliances for his patients, depending on their needs. The best option for replacing a missing tooth is usually a dental implant. Another option is a dental bridge.

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