Implant Overdentures

If you are missing all your teeth, you need a full denture. There are several ways of doing this. You can have an implant overdenture, as we explain here. You can have a series of implants placed and teeth placed over these implants. This is the most comfortable and functional option.

implant overdentureWith an implant overdenture, two or more implants may be placed in your jaw. The simplest option is using two, toward the front. In the diagram on the right, there is a bar joining the two fixtures. The bar increases the retention and stability of the teeth, but a bar isn’t always used.

A common complaint of people who wear complete dentures is that they are hard to keep in place, resulting in problems eating and speaking, and also causing soreness as the teeth shift and rub on the gums.

Another similar option is a snap-on denture.

It is a bad idea to just have a completely removable denture, and nothing placed to hold it in. What happens is that, when your teeth are all extracted, your body senses that the bone that used to support those teeth is no longer needed, and begins to resorb the bone in order to use those minerals in other places in your body. After several years, you will suffer from facial collapse.

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