Dental Implant Hybrids

A hybrid dental implant restoration replaces missing teeth, gum, and bone in your mouth. Hybrids are anchored to dental implants placed in your jaw.

It’s called hybrid because it’s a combination of fixed dental implants with a removable denture or fixed tooth replacement attached to them.

If you have worn full dentures for so long that you can barely function: you have problems eating, or your face has a sunken-in look, a hybrid dental implant restoration could be the solution to your problems.

This is a sample of a fixed implant hybrid restoration.

Tom was losing his teeth to advanced gum disease. The fixed implant hybrid restored his smile. Not only are the esthetics very natural, but the teeth feel solid, like they’re your own. Tom mentioned at the conclusion of his treatment that his teeth felt the same as hitting the sweet spot with every golf swing.

Hybrid Implant AfterHybrid Implant Before

Learn more about Tom’s hybrid implant case and see photographs of each step.

fixed hybrid implantHere are models of a hybrid dental implant restoration.
There are eight implants, providing excellent stability. It is entirely implant supported, meaning that it requires no tissue support.

fixed implant hybrid on modelBecause of this, there is no chance of tissue irritation, and the teeth are very secure and comfortable.
Screws, hidded inside the teeth, fasten the teeth to the implants in the fixed hybrid.

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