Nobel Guide®

NobelGuide® – Perfect Planning for Perfect Teeth

More and more people now think of beautiful, fully functioning teeth as their birthright. With NobelGuide® implants, we can offer you a long-lasting, natural-looking, comfortable smile. Nobel Biocare delivers solutions based on three core concepts – Easy Esthetics®, Soft Tissue Integration® and Immediate Function® – which together allow you to have Beautiful Teeth Now®.

With NobelGuide®, the placing of the implant, abutment and restorative crown or bridge happens during the same visit. Dr. Arthur Chal will use either conventional modeling or computer aided-3D design to determine the exact position and depth of the implants before surgery. This information enables Dr. Chal and the dental laboratory to produce a template, which guides the procedure from start to a completely successful placement. Dr. Chal, with Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist, Dr. David Hatcher, have extensive experience with this technology. They lecture together internationally on this subject. Dr. David Hatcher is also a recognized specialist by the American Dental Association (ADA).

The Nobel Guide® concept can be utilized to replace one or many missing teeth. It’s most revolutionary benefit is for patients who have lost all of their teeth. Patients with uncomfortable full dentures can have “fixed teeth” designed by Procera® Computer Software and new teeth placed in an hour.

The following treatment sequence is used to fabricate Nobel Guide™ to teeth in an hour ™ restorations.

  1. Initial consultation with Dr. Chal
  2. Thorough, informed consent and treatment plan are mutually agreed upon.
  3. A “perfect” prototype denture is fabricated to work out esthetics, phonetics, facial soft-tissue support and to provide the foundation for radiographic markers for CT scan.
  4. A 3-dimensional Cone Beam CT Scan is made with low radiation in only 40 seconds. The patient’s jaw and dentures are scanned.
  5. Special Procera® Computer Software allows for “virtual” surgery to be accomplished. A custom designed surgical template is fabricated in Sweden. This exact planning also allows for fabrication of the prosthetic teeth prior to the actual surgery.
  6. The surgical visit is simplified due to the computer planning and the teeth in an hour® are placed.

Dr. Chal has presented numerous lectures on dental implantology to international dental audiences at major dental meetings. One of his lectures, titled “Advanced Imaging and Reconstructive Dentistry” given with co-presentor, Dr. David Hatcher, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist, covered the topic of 3-D Cone Beam Cat Scan, treatment planning, “virtual” surgery, Nobel Guide®, and Teeth in an Hour®.

Interested patients and referring doctors can check out the 3 hour DVD from Dr. Chal’s teaching and research library.

In practice, this means beautiful teeth for you in just one visit.

Easy, safe and predictable. No healing time required prior to functioning.

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