My Dental Implant is Loose

I finally made it through the entire dental implant process. I have had the crown in place for close to a month or so now. Unfortunately, it is very loose and it is driving me crazy! I have called in and made an appointment. But I was wondering if I can just pull it out myself?

– Paula in Kansas


Sadly, dental implant failure is not uncommon. Implant dentists don’t always have the required training, they cut corners to save money, and sometimes use substandard materials. But there are a number of reasons as to why a dental implant can fail. There are dental implant horror stories where patients end up with a pierced sinus cavity or infected dental implants. But you are not asking why this happened, it could be something completely unique to your situation and it very well could be fixed by your current dentist.

Based on what you have described, it is next to impossible to give you specific recommendations. But it is probably safe to say it is NOT a good idea to pull it out yourself. If the implant is salvageable, pulling it may minimize the success rate because the surgical site will be filled in once it is out. That process will happen immediately.

There is also another thing that you need to consider. If the oral surgeon was not the same dentist that placed the crown, that is who you need to schedule your appointment with. A loose dental implant is related to the surgical phase most likely, so that is where you need to go in order to resolve this.

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