My Dental Implant Failed!

My dental implant has failed on tooth #8. I have been instructed to see the oral surgeon again for him to remove it. This has been so expensive, nearly close to $5,000. They told me that I will likely need more bone grafting too. Do you know if there is anything else that can be done for this tooth? I have some surrounding crowns in the area where the implant failed. Any insight would be appreciated. I’m so frustrated at this point.

– Geno in Illinois


There are many reasons for a dental implant failure. You are not alone, many patients have their own dental implant horror story, from poor materials to their body rejecting it, or maybe the dentist did not have the right qualifications. You may not get a specific answer as to why this happened in your case.

But based on what you have described, it sounds like a dental bridge may work well for you. The last thing you probably want to deal with is another dental implant, because it is inevitable that you will worry about another failure. So since you have dental crowns in the area, a dental bridge can be attached to those. Then you don’t have to risk damage to otherwise healthy teeth.

Another thing worth mentioning is the possibility of a soft tissue graft in the area of the missing tooth. This procedure would help if you are worried about shrinkage or any alteration in your facial appearance.

Again, it is very difficult to pinpoint why the dental implant failure occurred, but hopefully you can move forward now with a solution that will work without spending too much more money.

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