Is there anything I can do about my broken dental implant?

I don’t know what I should do about my loose dental implant? When I went to the oral surgeon for the initial surgery, the bone grafting and implantation of the dental implant went excellent. When I went to see my dentist again several months later for the crown, it just didn’t feel right when he was placing it. Now the implant hurts and it feels loose. When I went in to complain about it before it breaks,my dentist is recommending that I now see an endodontist. Doesn’t that seem fishy? Isn’t an endodontist where you go for a root canal? I really didn’t have any issues or pain until my dentist did the crown. Any help would be greatly appreciate.

– Susan in Toronto


You need to find an implant dentist that is trained in implantology. There is also a possibility that you may need to have more bone grafting done. The problem you are having is fixable, you just need to make sure that the dentist has extensive experience and training in the successful placement of dental implants. A couple of reputable dental implant organizations are the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Board of Oral Implantology.If you see either or both of these organizations in the dentist’s credentials, that would be very encouraging.

Also, sorry to hear about how the porcelain crown doesn’t seem right. Make sure you express all of your concerns and let your new implant dentist know exactly how it feels. Hopefully you are early enough along in your treatment to avoid another dental implant horror story. Sadly, dental implant failure is becoming more common.

Best of luck.

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