I’m missing one tooth, what do I do?

I am missing one of my front teeth from a sudden accident. The entire tooth is gone all the way down to the root. It seems all of my other teeth are fine. What should I get, a dental implant or a dental bridge?

– Joel in Virginia


A dental implant is the strongest, most natural-looking, and permanent solution to replace a missing tooth. So if you have enough bone present at the site, it is becoming the best practice to replace a tooth.

There are two phases in the placement of a dental implant. First, the implant is surgically  implanted into your jawbone. Then, there is a period of healing required so the bone can grow in to secure it in place. The restorative phase is next, where the dentist will create a porcelain crown that is placed directly onto the implant. When done by an expert cosmetic dentist, no one will ever be able to tell that you were missing a tooth.

One of the disadvantages of an implant is that it tends to be expensive. So a dental bridge may work better if you are on a budget. But the bridge is attached to your two otherwise healthy teeth that surround the missing one. This process has the potential to weaken the surrounding teeth. And over time the space where your tooth once was will lose bone which may lead to other complications with teeth shifting and alignment.

Hopefully this helped to answer your question.

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