Help! My Denture Keeps Falling Out


I am hoping you can help me, because I am so embarrassed about my dentures. I have been a denture wearer for over 30 years now. My adhesive doesn’t work anymore. My jaw ridge is almost gone too. I’m wondering how much longer I can keep my denture in place. Please help! Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.

– Rhonda in Louisiana


I’m sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done because you are suffering from a condition called facial collapse. What can happen in cases like yours is that the denture doesn’t even stay in place anymore. It sounds like you are almost to this point. What has happened is that over time your body has resorbed the jawbone because your body was telling you that the bone was no longer needed to support the teeth. So it took the minerals to be used in other areas of the body.

You may be able to have bone grafting done. This surgical procedure can build the bone up but there aren’t too many oral surgeons that will attempt it due to the complications associated with it.

Other options to replace missing teeth vary in advantages and disadvantages, as well as cost. So it may come down to how much you are willing to spend on replacement teeth to improve your quality of life. One option is to have a new removable denture re-made to better fit over the shape of your current jawbone. The main issue with this option is that resorption will occur again.

Dental implants will help prevent bone resorption around each implant that is placed. They can also be used to stabilize a denture and can range from two dental implants in each jaw, which is called an overdenture or snap-on denture. Or you can place as many dental implants as possible for the best function and to reduce the effects of facial collapse with a dental implant hybrid. This option allows the dentures to be fastened to the implants directly.

Many years ago, dentists may not have realized the full consequences of pulling all the teeth. Facial collapse is a very serious condition. Thank you for being open about your situation, hopefully others will explore all of their options beyond having all the teeth extracted and replaced with a complete denture.

Hopefully this information is helpful to you as you consider your options.

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