Help! My Dental Bridge Fell Out

My teeth on top are not in the best shape, to say the least. I have all crowns on top and on the right side of my mouth, I have a dental bridge. Well, the three teeth that they are adhered to have begun to decay. So I have to use a denture adhesive to keep it in place everyday. I think it’s time for dental implants and that is what my dentist wants to do soon. But I don’t want these three teeth to fall out before the implants are placed. Do you know if there is something I can do in the meantime until it’s time to move forward with the whole dental implants process?

– Samuel in Arkansas


For the short-term, a denture adhesive will work to keep your dental bridge in place. But this needs to be a very temporary solution because you may not realize it but tiny, microscopic food particles will become trapped each time you reapply the bridge. This kind of process will expedite the decay of those teeth. And from the sounds of it, you don’t want to loose those teeth too.

It is always difficult to make specific recommendations without having seen your case. So it is difficult to gauge whether or not the dental bridge you have right now is salvageable. It could be that it needs the crowns replaced, but is hard to say without knowing more information.

Therefore, the best course of action is likely to have the decay removed and cleaned from the teeth you are referring to. This will help prevent it from spreading further. The dental bridge can be relined. There are different kinds of cement that can be used that varies in the permanence.

Another possibility to preserve the life of the bridge is to brush those teeth every time you reapply it. Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide before the bridge is reapplied with the denture adhesive will be better than what you are doing now. It is important to note that you need to use extreme caution with this method. This is because if you use hydrogen peroxide for longer than a couple weeks, you may be susceptible to a yeast infection.

In the meantime, get into your dentist and get moving with the dental implants process. Depending on your dentist, it could be several months of planning, preparation, then healing before you have your new implants. You may also want to strongly consider treating those three teeth with a temporary fix so you don’t end up loosing them as well.

Hopefully this information was helpful in answering your question.

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