Do my loose teeth have to be removed?

I have a couple of teeth that are loose and I’m worried that if I go to the dentist, he will want to pull them? Do you know if this is what will happen or do I have other options?

– Kendra in Mississippi


The first thing that will happen when you go into the dentist about your loose teeth is an x-ray will be taken. This will be the first step in helping to determine the cause for the problem and the best course of action.

Sometimes a fall or trauma can cause teeth to become loose. If that is the case with you, they can sometimes be stabilized. Or if you grind your teeth regularly, that can also cause them to become loose. Another reason a person’s teeth may be loose is if they are not in proper alignment. The misalignment can cause extra pressure on the teeth and they may become loose.

How is the health of your gums? Another cause for loose teeth is periodontal disease in some cases. Patients with severe periodontal disease may experience bone loss around the tooth which may make them loose. The dentist may help you out if this is what is going on by folding back your gum tissue to clean out any bacteria that may be hindering the health of your gums. The bone can also be smoothed out. Together these actions may help your gum tissue to successfully reattach itself to the healthy bone.

Don’t have the mindset that your teeth will need to be removed. There are other options and most dentists will take every measure to save your healthy teeth. If the tooth is damaged beyond repair and needs to be extracted, dental implants are the best solution.

Implants will look, function, and feel just like your normal teeth. They will also prevent bone loss and shrinking of your jaw.People that are missing all of their teeth deal with facial collapse and it can be very detrimental to their overall dental and physical health over time. So if the dentist does decide to remove the teeth, you need to seriously consider having them replaced with dental implants.

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