Diabetes and Dental Implants

I have Diabetes and am wondering if I can have dental implants?

Thanks, Francis in California

Dear Francis,

A Diabetic patient may be a good candidate for dental implants, however complications arise with dental implants when Diabetes in uncontrolled. When dental implants first came out in the 1980’s, they became a great alternative for a missing tooth providing stability, less bone resorption, and atrophy which can cause facial collapse. Overtime dental implants have improved and the success rate has increased.  According to research, dental implant failure in the Diabetic patient is about 6%. Most patients whose dental implants failed were smokers and/or had uncontrolled Diabetes.

The success rate of dental implants in the Diabetic patient is actually high when the disease is under control. The Diabetic patient should have an adequate screening and a comprehensive health history should be noted. Also, delay implant therapy if ones metabolic control is inadequate. A Diabetic patients metabolic control should be in good standing days before surgery and it is crucial to maintain acceptable levels of metabolic control throughout the entire healing period. The Diabetic patient should always have a 10 day supply of antibiotics starting the day of surgery to reduce the risk of infection. If one smokes, it is recommended to cease smoking before implant surgery to reduce the risk of implant failure.

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