Dental Bridge and No Contact

I recently got an upper right side 3 unit fixed bridge. They look fine in the front, but in the back there a noticeable gap between the top and bottom teeth. They don’t touch, my chewing feels awkward and my dentist said it is as good as it gets? Being so long without teeth there I forgot how they work. Is this normal?

Thanks – Dennis in Utah

Dear Dennis,

Without seeing your dental x-rays, clinical notes, and doing a complete exam it is difficult to know why your teeth are not touching. Some reasons as to why your teeth are not touching can be that you may have a tooth that has super erupted on the bottom, you could have fractured teeth on the bottom and your dentist is preventing further breakage of your bottom teeth. The mouth is constantly changing under movement and function, therefore what dental work is completed in the mouth is dependent upon what there is to work with, the position of the teeth, what space is available, the state of the bite, and bone densities. In other words if a tooth has been missing for sometime a dental bridge may not exactly duplicate your original bite because of slow changes over time. Most of the time contact can be made and should be made to prevent further dental problems. We recommend that if your dentist thinks it’s as good as it gets that you should get a second opinion.

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