Clear Choice Dental Implants are the Cheapest Option so Far

I am interested in learning more about Clear Choice implant reviews. It seems that they are the cheapest option around as I am researching my dental implant options. Originally I had a quote for over $50K and after I explained my limited budget financially, we were down to $30K. How does it go from almost over half of the original price to where we are now? Every other implant dentist provided me quotes that ranged from $50K – closer to $70K. I am 62 years old and am missing several teeth. They are continuing to worsen and I think I will have many others fall out in the near future.

– Jed in Washington


With any large investment, you need to seek a second opinion. You are smart to inquire about Clear Choice implant reviews. When something is the cheapest, it is not always the right choice. Although there have been complaints issued against Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers with their aggressive sales tactics, if you are comfortable with the treatment plan and doctors, there is nothing wrong in choosing them. Generally, the implant dentists are qualified to do sufficient work. It would be wise to make several comparisons between the exact procedures that are begin proposed. That kind of a price cut means they altered your treatment plan and you need to be clear on exactly what you are comparing from dentist to dentist.

Are the other dentists going to extract your remaining teeth? Make sure you are getting all of the information upfront before you move forward. If your other teeth are in bad shape, you might as well have them replaced at the same time. You may also be surprised that other dentists will be willing to work with you on making payments and finding an affordable treatment plan. I wouldn’t make your decision solely based on the cost. Just make sure you have covered all the angles as far as the proposed treatment plan, as well as the financial options.

The major price drop from Clear Choice is rather strange though. Either they way overbid or your treatment was drastically altered. Best of luck to you. It sounds like you are doing a good job of researching your options. Ultimately you need to see a dentist you trust and has the proven credentials. You don’t want to have something terrible like dental implant failure or implant infection by cutting corners. Sadly, this happens way too often.

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