Blade Tooth Implant Healing Time

I got a blade implant 12 months ago and it still has not healed. Is it normal for healing to be longer then 12 months?

Thanks, George in Florida

Dear George,

Blade dental implants have been placed for years, however newer products have been developed and are being used more and more over the blade implants. A Blade implant is known as a endosseous implant which is placed in the jaw bone which increases support by osseointegration into the bone. Osseointegration is the concept where there is a direct link between the living bone and the metal of the implant. Blade implants are mainly used in those patients with narrow jaw bones in other words the jaw lacks width for a traditional implant or certain bone deficiencies where a root-form dental implant cannot be used. It is also used when patients don’t want to pay for additional surgery like bone grafting to build the bone back up for a conventional (screw type) dental implant.

Screw types of implants are preferred over blade implants because they are much easier to place, can require less surgery, and are more successful. According to clinical studies Blade implants have a 50 to 55% success rate. Some of the reasons these types of implants have resulted in dental implant failure likely occur because of dental implant infection, or if the implant itself has become loose or infected and needed to be removed. Healing time of dental implants range from three to six months. Since it has been a year and your Blade implant site is not healing we recommend you either go back to your original surgeon who performed the procedure for an evaluation. If you have done this and feel like your not getting the results you want we recommend you to get a second opinion from an implant dentist who can better assist you in this matter.

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