Are Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers cheaper?

My husband needs to get dental implants and they are so outrageously expensive. Do you know much about Clear Choice Implant Centers? I’m looking for reviews. I’m thinking they will be a less expensive alternative to the price that was quoted by my dentist.

– Linda in California


It is difficult to provide Clear Choice reviews because every Clear Choice dental implant center is different. There are centers where you are located in California and there are local ones here in Phoenix. Just because someone had a certain experience at one center, doesn’t mean you will have the same experience.

One review we have heard about a local center was in regard to the risk for dental implant failure. This woman who came to us after having been in for a Clear Choice consultation and said that every technician or dentist she met with gave her a different answer. She felt that was an unsettling representation of that particular center and is mainly why she ended up seeking treatment with us. Bottom line is there isn’t a universal approach when it comes to dental implants. Every case is different.

As far as Clear Choice being perceived as less expensive, that doesn’t sound like an accurate assessment. You need to be extremely cautious when price shopping for dental implants. Cheapest is not always best! Dentists will cut corners to get you as their customer in many ways, and that includes using lesser quality materials. It’s just not worth it in the long run. Although, the price may lure you in initially – there is dental implant horror story after horror story from patients that chose the cheapest option. Common examples include implants that pierced sinuses, to loose dental implants, and ultimately implants that fell out. You need to select the right implant dentist versus letting your decision be based on cost. The right dentist can modify your treatment plan to work within your budget. It’s all about quality work with dental implants and trusting your dentist.

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