Another Sad Case of Dental Implant Failure

Dr. Chal, first of all I have never read a web site with so much honest, informative information, Thank you!

I had 5 mini implants put in my bottom jaw in 2007, I have been in pain and misery ever since. I am on medication for the nerve pain. My neurologist says he can only relieve the pain 50%.

I am in New York state, I have tried to get help from many dentists and maxillofacial surgeons, none would see me once they learned who did the implants. I can’t live my life like this any more, I turn 60 next month. I was 100% healthy and active before this pain and nightmare took my life away from me.

I am very willing to come to you, always wanted to see Arizona. I am so desperate to have my quality of life back..some days I don’t feel I can deal with the pain in my face, but try to remain here for the sake of my family. I am going to attempt to send a copy of a x-ray, I never had a cat scan or a MRI.

Please, please answer me.

Sincerely yours,
– Roxanne from New York

Thank you for your kind words. But I’m so sorry to hear about your awful situation. Unfortunately, we see much too much of this kind of thing going on. Implant dentistry isn’t a recognized specialty, and so there is no official prescribed curriculum for dentists. And with mini implants in particular, dentists are told they are so easy to place that it’s tempting for them.

You always need a 3-dimensional CAT Scan to place implants, because there is always a danger of impinging on a nerve or poking through the cortical bone when they are placed, and the dentist needs that 3-dimensional view. You could be suffering from some nerve damage from improper dental implant placement.

Dr. Chal has a lot of people coming to him from out of state, and we can help you with arrangements while you are here. Just give our office a call at 602-957-5000 and we’ll be happy to see what we can do.

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