A Painful Case of Dental Implant Failure

Last March, 2012, I had implants placed in my lower right and I have been in pain ever since. When he drilled a hole for the screw he had to drill crooked. He says he has never seen anything like it in his 20 years which didn’t help me feel any better. He says he cannot find anything so why am i experiencing pain and now it is starting to go down my neck. which i think is infection. can these implants be removed. i am getting scared. the pain does not go away. Made an appt. today after a year, and I don’t think he wants to address my problem. Went for second opinion – they said metal is causing sensitivity.

Shay from Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Something’s not right with your implants. Metal sensitivity? They’re supposed to use titanium for the implants and allergy to titanium is extremely rare – that’s why they use it. And even if you were allergic, it wouldn’t be causing pain – it would be causing vague symptoms of fatigue. Yes, your pressing on a nerve, he could have used inferior implant fixtures – any number of things could be wrong.

And when dentists start to complain about the situation (“I’ve never seen this in my 20 years of practice!”) I get worried – like they’re setting you up for their failure. Something went wrong here and he doesn’t want to say exactly what it was.

So I’m questioning both the placement of your implants and the second opinion. Do these two dentists know each other? It sounds like the one is covering for the other. Whenever you get a second opinion, it’s important to get a blind second opinion – you don’t want to reveal who the first dentist was or what they said about your situation, because that can influence what the second dentist says. In fact, it’s best to go out of town.

You’re in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, a small city with maybe one or two dozen dentists. Not only would you have a problem getting an honest second opinion there, but it’s entirely possible that you don’t have anyone in town who really knows a whole lot about dental implants and who can solve your problem. I’d make the drive to Pittsburgh. Look for a dentist with credentials from either the American Academy of Implant Dentistry or the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. And get an opinion from them about what is causing your dental implant failure.

If the first dentist made a mistake in placing your implants, it would be reasonable to ask that he cover your costs for fixing that.

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