A Dental Implant Horror Story

I had some dental implants placed and the crown that goes on top of the implant became loose. When I went back into the dentist, he did an x-ray. Then he went on to say that everything looked okay. He said that the crown just needed to be re-cemented. Then, when he decided to try and remove the crown, it wouldn’t come off. He proceeded to use this special tool to attempt to remove it and when it finally shook loose, the implant came out too. Have you ever heard about this happening to anyone else?

– Lynn in Ohio


From what you have described it does not sound like the crown was loose at all. The implant was loose. Loose dental implants happen more than you think, when they are placed by dentists that are not properly qualified. It is outrageous that he didn’t realize that it wasn’t the crown that was the issue when he couldn’t remove it. It sounds like a dental implant horror story where the dentist may have been trying to hide the fact that it wasn’t the crown, but the implant that was loose. This is a much more serious situation, than a simple loose crown.

There are several reasons that an individual ends up with a loose dental implant. The crown may have been placed too soon. There needs to be a several month healing period between the surgical and restorative phases in order for the osseointegration to be successful. If it hasn’t taken place properly, the dental crown may have added too much stress to the implant. Or the bone in the area may have not been adequate to support the implant.

Another possibility is that you are dealing with a dental implant infection. Individuals that fall into this category deal with extreme pain. Since there was no mention of pain, this may not be the case for you.

When a dentist is addressing dental implant failure, there is a lot of factors to consider. The bone will have to be filled in again where it was removed prior to the placement of the implant. You may also end up being a candidate for bone grafting. This could mean that maybe there wasn’t enough bone present from the start. Maybe there was some bone shrinkage that occurred, resulting in the loss of the implant. There are a lot possibilities with the jawbone that may contribute to the end result of losing an implant.

It would be wise to seek a second opinion at this stage. It sounds like your original dentist may not be qualified to address the seriousness of your situation. Dental implant malpractice is all too common in the United States. I hope this information is helpful in providing some explanation as to what have caused this to happen. And hopefully you are able to find an implant dentist that is an expert in addressing dental implant mistakes.

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