A Bad Experience at Miami Clear Choice

I hope that my Clear Choice review can help others since I was so completely taken advantage of. Here is what happened. I was desperately in need of dental work in July 2011. I still enjoyed eating but knew I only had a few good teeth left. After much consideration, I was told that I needed a full mouth reconstruction. So I searched online for dental implants and that is how I found Clear Choice. So I gave them a call and was invited to a seminar.

As I look back, I now realize that the seminar was nothing more than a sales production. Clear Choice told me how much I was a “perfect” candidate. When it was all said and done I ended up paying Clear Choice over $40,000 cash to have the all-on-four dental implants procedure. Pretty much what I ended up receiving was dentures attached to implants. The Clear Choice slogan is, “teeth-in-a-day.” But it should be dentures in a day, two months after the surgery.

When I had the dentures removed for cleaning, I realized that the implants were not placed where my teeth once were. I asked the technician why the implants were placed this way and he told me someone would get back to me. Then, when I officially complained to Clear Choice about my mouth being full of plastic, another salesman called and told me everything was fine. I thought that I at least deserved a response from the surgeon since I was told that they would pull the teeth and replace the teeth with dental implants. But the implants are set back into my mouth. I think they really could have left teeth and put in the implants.

This angers me and I feel really taken advantage of. Out of frustration, I asked for my money back and of course they told me, “no.” So I decided to have my case moved to Kansas City because I was so angry with the Miami Clear Choice center. Then, after two additional appointments, I will finally have my final teeth done. I still feel like with the implants being placed where they were, I am always going to have a mouth full of plastic. I feel like Clear Choice are the “used car salesmen” of the dental world. I trusted Clear Choice because they were doctors. I’m considering legal action.

– Clint from Florida


Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. Clear Choice does tend to give you just the one option – extract all your remaining teeth and do the all-on-four implant-retained denture. Dr. Chal’s philosophy is that he likes to give you all the options with their pros and cons, let you choose what you want, and will encourage you to save any of your natural teeth that can be saved.

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