Numbness After Dental Bridge

I am missing one tooth and had my lower left teeth prepped for a three unit dental bridge over a week ago. The lower left lip and the left side of my tongue are still numb. Is this normal?

Thanks, Dixie in Texas

Dear Dixie,

When we as dentist give a dental injection to numb the patient we can’t actually see where the anesthetic is going. And at the same time, every patients nerves are not in the same place. During an injection the needle may sometimes hit the nerve and the patient will feel an electrical shock. When this happens it is possible that this trauma can cause paraesthesia, in other words, numbness to either the tongue, lip, or both at the same time.

Its quite rare for patients to have nerve damage from a local anesthetic for such a simple dental procedure, however can still happen. This us usually short lived, however sometimes it can take up to six months to go away completely. More than likely this will subside. Its usually more of a concern when patients have their impacted wisdom teeth extracted because the nerves are so close to the wisdom teeth.

If after several weeks your numbness does not dissipate we recommend you make a followup appointment with your dentist for further advise.

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