I Hate the Way My Dental Implants Look

About a year ago, I had dental implants placed. I have been waiting on the lab to get my new dental bridges that are just now ready. I finally had the bridges placed, one on top and one on the bottom and I am so unhappy with how my teeth look. The dentist thinks differently and tells me that everything looks just great and that I’ll get used to them. Do you have any advice?

– Paul in Connecticut


A dentist telling you that you will get used to them is probably not a good sign. There are many fantastic cosmetic dentists in your area that focus more on the aesthetics of implant dentistry versus the functionality only.

A good cosmetic dentist will not be satisfied until you absolutely love your new smile. Many will even send a dental bridge back to the laboratory until the patient is happy.

It would be in your best interest to consult with an expert cosmetic dentist, preferably one that is affiliated with the American Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry. Dental bridges can look beautiful and still be completely functional. You should not just settle when it comes to the appearance of your teeth because your smile says so much about you.

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