A Cosmetic Dentist that Outsources Porcelain

I am trying to find a cosmetic dentist that does good dental bonding. I am finding out that most cosmetic dentists seem to outsource their porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers to laboratories outside of their practice. But it sounds like dental bonding is done by the cosmetic dentist. I guess I’m questioning how we find out what cosmetic is good and which ones aren’t, if they use an outside lab for everything?

– Jeffrey in New Mexico


An excellent cosmetic dentist will be a perfectionist. They will have a long list of beautiful dental bonding work to illustrate their skills. That said, there are still some excellent cosmetic dentists that do not prefer bonding, but most of them do.

There is also another issue that you have touched on and that is that a cosmetic dentist outsources their porcelain veneers and crowns. There are many beautiful, esthetically-focused laboratories that do excellent work. The misconception is that it doesn’t matter how talented the dentist is because the lab does all the work. But your dentist has specifically selected the laboratory based on his preferences and abilities. For example, if you have purchased artwork from a gallery, it doesn’t mean that the artist didn’t do excellent work. Therefore, the dentist is the artist and is instructing the lab as to precisely how the final product will look.

The best cosmetic dentists will be in control of their work throughout the process. To begin, the dentist will prepare the teeth and plan out the entire case. This includes the quality of the impression sent to the laboratory, as well has how well the tooth is prepared. These steps are critical to the success of the case and are in complete control of the cosmetic dentist. Then when the dentist creates the prescription, there are meticulous details about the exact surface, texture, translucency, as well as a myriad of other details. When the dentist receives the work back from the lab, it is primarily up to them if as to whether or not it meets their standards and if approval is granted. So it’s not the laboratory that is creating, it is the dentist.

Also, a cosmetic dentist with an phenomenal eye for artistry will find a ceramist with similar qualities. Cosmetic dentists painstakingly select their ceramist to ensure the patient will absolutely love their new smile.

So always be sure to select the right cosmetic dentist since, he or she will always assume responsibility for the talents of the laboratory.

Hopefully this gave you some insight into how the relationship plays out between the cosmetic dentist and the ceramist.

Best of luck in choosing the right cosmetic dentist for your dental bonding work.

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