Safety and Reliability

We have several pages of highly worthwhile information on zirconia crowns and veneers. You can also learn these how these zirconium oxide restorations are made, with photographs.

Many dental ceramics are beautiful and can be used successfully for front teeth, but they have a tendency to crack when used for long spans or for posterior teeth. But Zeno can be used on posterior teeth without fear of cracking. Clinical studies confirm the long-term reliability and success of zirconium oxide as a material in both anterior and posterior restorations. These restorations are long-lasting and stable.

It has been tested even in long-span bridgework applications, a most severe test that would crack almost any other ceramic. It has truly earned it’s nickname, “ceramic steel.”

In addition, with modern CAD/CAM technology, it can be milled to precise tolerances of twenty microns. This precise fit minimizes the cement line, which is the weakest link in any crown or bridge restoration, thus promoting excellent longevity in these restorations.

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