Zirconia Crowns

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One of the exciting new areas of cosmetic dental materials is the development of zirconium ceramics. Dr. Arthur Chal has been placing the new Zeno zirconia crowns and veneers, with fabulous results.

zenoThere are a number of zirconia crown systems being used. Dr. Chal and his technician investigated all of them before deciding on the Zeno system. The reasons for their choice? First, Zeno is a outstanding product from a German dental technology company, Wieland Dental, with a long-standing reputation for quality, durability, and beauty in dental ceramics. Second, the technology of the product is extremely advanced. The restorations are milled to a tolerance of 20 microns, half the thickness of a human hair. This technology is so sophisticated that it is embargoed from being exported to dangerous countries.

These crowns and veneers are exquisitely beautiful. Here is a photograph of crowns on front teeth, demonstrating the range of colors and translucencies of the material.

Advantages of Zeno zirconia veneers and crowns, compared to other high-strength ceramics, such as Lava:

  • The material is manufactured by Wieland Dental, a German company with a long-standing reputation for beautiful quality ceramics.
  • Zeno is considerably stronger than Lava or any other ceramic.
  • Zeno can be milled to an accuracy of 20 microns. Since it fits the tooth so precisely, the cement line, which is the weak link in any ceramic system, is extremely thin, making for a very long-lasting restoration.

Zeno crowns are made from zirconium dioxide (zirconia), a high-strength ceramic material which is used in other high-tech applications, such as in the aerospace industry. It is often referred to as “ceramic steel” because of its high tensile strength. It needs no metal framework. It is also extremely biocompatible, virtually eliminating the risk of allergic reactions. Similar materials are used in hip replacements.

But more than strong, it is also beautiful. It has excellent translucency, as you can see in the photograph above, and so it will allow light to be transmitted through the material, drawing color from the underlying tooth structure, and mimicking the natural beauty of teeth.

As we explain elsewhere on this site, Dr. Chal is extremely quality conscious, and when he places these restorations on patients, he has them made to exacting standards using his on-site dental laboratory, by his master ceramist, Rick Durkee, CDT, AAACD.

See photographs of Dr. Chal’s beautiful cosmetic dentistry in his smile gallery.

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