CAD/CAM in Dentistry

We have several pages of highly worthwhile information on zirconia crowns and veneers. After you’re through with this page, please visit our page on the safety and reliability of these restorations.

Only recently, computer-aided manufacturing has enabled this material to be processed so precisely that it can be used for dental restorations. And that technology has progressed to the point where zirconium oxide can be milled to tolerances of 20 microns, about half the thickness of a human hair. This precision means that when the restoration is cemented in your mouth, the cement line, which is the weakest link in any crown or bridge, is so thin that you end up with a very long-lasting and reliable restoration.

The technology for the Zeno crowns that Dr. Arthur Chal uses for his patients is so sophisticated that it is subject to embargo in that it cannot be shipped to enemies of the country.


Zeno-pic3CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. The individual restoration is designed with the help of sophisticated computer technology, using what could be termed an “electronic drawing board.” An image of the CAD computer screen is shown on the left.


Zeno-pic4CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacture. Your ZENO restoration is manufactured by the most accurate and precise hi-tech milling machine, similar to what is used in the aerospace industry and shown on the left.

In order to have complete quality control over your restoration, Dr. Chal and his technician, Rick Durkee, CDT, AAACD, have invested in this costly machinery locally so that they can have complete quality control and thus guarantee you the ultimate in precision fit and quality.

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