Cosmetic “White” Fillings

Phoenix white fillings have been done for many years by Phoenix accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Arthur Chal.

Silver fillings are actually less than half silver. They’re more correctly called silver amalgam fillings. They’re a combination of about half mercury and the rest is mostly silver and tin.

Some people are concerned about the potential health effects of mercury that is in your mouth. But beyond that, there are several advantages of the white fillings:

  • They bond to the tooth, thus helping to strengthen your tooth. Amalgam fillings weaken the teeth, which may then fracture later in life.
  • They’re made out of composite, instead of metal, which means that they don’t conduct the heat and cold to the center of your tooth. This makes them more gentle to your tooth.
  • They require less drilling away of healthy tooth structure. Amalgam requires a certain thickness to be strong enough, and requires that the inside of the cavity be made wider than the outside, so that the filling stays in the tooth. Composite, since it bonds to the tooth, can be placed after the decay is removed. No healthy tooth structure has to be drilled away to get the filling to stay, and no minimum thickness of filling material is required.
  • The white fillings look much nicer.
  • You never have any odd metallic taste in your mouth from them.


Here are photographs of some old amalgam fillings that were replaced by Dr. Chal.

Notice in the amalgam filling on the middle tooth how there is a fracture line in the filling. Fracture of the fillings and fracture of the teeth tends to be less of a problem with the white fillings. They bond to the tooth and give a stronger overall result.

The photograph on the left show the beautiful white fillings that he placed. Dr. Chal has been doing white fillings for many years, and is expert in placing them.

Many dental schools still emphasize the placing of amalgam fillings. Many dentists feel uncomfortable with placing composites on back teeth, and so they continue to place the amalgams. The technique for placing them is difficult, and much more meticulous. If composites aren’t placed properly, they can lead to risky sensitivity in the teeth, or they can deteriorate quickly. However, if they are done properly, they are the most comfortable of fillings and are very strong and long-lasting.

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