Cosmetic Dentistry Success Story

Bulimia, besides the emotional issues involved, has a serious impact on the teeth. The frequent contact of the teeth with stomach acid erodes the enamel, especially on the insides of the upper front teeth, but it can affect all the teeth.

The primary impact of bulimia is on the self-esteem of the patient. It’s a complex matter and has to be handled with great sensitivity on the part of the doctor. Treatment always has to begin with the emotional issues and overcoming the binge-purge cycle. But once that is done, complete healing and restoration of self-esteem needs to include the repair of the patient’s appearance. Without that, every time the patient looks in the mirror, they are reminded of this ugly part of their past, which really needs to be forgotten as completely as possible.

Dr. Arthur Chal is an accredited cosmetic dentist of international reputation, who is experienced in treating the latent teeth damage of recovered bulimia patients. Since these patients need a high degree of confidentiality, he specializes in accommodating out-of-town patients who may fly in to see him. Thus, there is no occasion for anyone in their home community to find out about their treatment.

Here is a set of photographs of a patient we will call J.T. She came to Dr. Chal from California, one of his many out-of-town patients.


Notice how, in the “before” photographs on the left, that the enamel is completely gone from the insides of the upper front teeth. This is typical. They are left so thin that from the front they have an unusual translucency and they will begin to chip and wear away.

One thing that Dr. Chal’s patients appreciate about him is that he understands that not only are there important clinical needs to be met, but they need emotional support through this experience. Here is what she said:

  • “With his genuine compassion, dental expertise, and artistic talent, Dr. Chal has given me a natural, confident smile to share with others. Dr. Chal exceeds my expectations of excellence again and again.
  • “A California resident working in the dental field, I travel 657 miles to be treated by the finest doctor in his realm – Dr. Chal.”

If you choose to have Dr. Chal treat your bulimia teeth problems, you can be assured that you will be handled with similar compassion. Just call the office for help with travel arrangements, directions, and local accommodations. You can find more information on our out-of-town patients guide page. That is also called our “smile vacation” page because many people like to take the occasion of traveling to Phoenix to enjoy our beautiful sunshine and desert climate.

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