Porcelain Veneers Cost

Porcelain veneers by accredited cosmetic dentist, Dr. Arthur Chal, cost from $1500 to $2500 per tooth, depending on the complexity of the case.

It isn’t wise to price shop for porcelain veneers and we don’t encourage that. Remember, that to do porcelain veneers well requires a substantial investment in time away from the office for training. It takes a number of years after dental school, and travel to distant cities for continuing education, for a dentist to be able to do beautiful porcelain veneers. Besides this, there can be no cutting of costs in laboratory work or materials.

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But beautiful porcelain veneers, done well, will last for many years and will be an investment in your self-esteem and business success.

See photographs of Dr. Chal’s beautiful porcelain veneers before-and-after and other dental work, as well as impressive testimonials from his patients by visiting his cosmetic dentistry smile gallery.

Don’t ask the dentist on the corner to create a new smile for you. This can be very expensive, when you end up having to pay to have it re-done because you don’t have the beautiful smile you were longing for. About 85% of Dr. Chal’s work is re-doing other dentists’ work. Don’t be caught in that trap.

Each case will be individually quoted by Dr. Chal. Factors involved in the cost of porcelain veneers include the degree of change required in the shapes of the teeth, the amount of color masking, and your smile design demands.

Lumineers, since they require less work on the part of the dentist (there is no tooth preparation involved) will cost less. However, not every case is appropriate for Lumineers. The advertising leads you to believe that no preparation of the tooth is necessary. What the advertising doesn’t disclose, however, is that if your tooth is not shaved a little in preparation, your teeth will end up a little bulkier and about two millimeters longer all across the front. This can be appropriate if your teeth are short now, but if they aren’t it could be a big problem.

Dr. Chal will be honest with you on what your case requires. And he refuses, because of the importance of his reputation, to give you anything less than a stunning smile that you are completely happy with. Give our office a call at 602-957-5000.

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