Cosmetic Contouring

Sometimes the defects in a smile can be corrected by what is called Cosmetic Contouring. For this procedure, the cosmetic dentist merely re-shapes the teeth slightly to make them more attractive. The cost is relatively modest, and nothing artificial has to be attached to the teeth.

Doing this well requires artistic talent on the part of the dentist. The teeth have to be shaped so that they look natural and attractive. And then they have to be smoothed and polished to their original luster


Here is a cosmetic contouring case that was treated by Dr. Arthur Chal. Both the upper and lower teeth appear out of alignment because of irregularities in their incisal edges. A little shaping, as you can see in the “after” photo below, does wonders for their appearance, making them appear straight, yet not artificial.

Dr. Chal also did some tooth bonding on the lower incisor that is on the patient’s right side (the left side of the photo). Notice how that tooth now looks like nothing artificial has been done to it.

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