Cosmetic Bonding

Tooth bonding involves putting bonding a composite material to a tooth and hardening, shaping, and polishing it to make it look like it is a part of the tooth. To do this well, a cosmetic dentist needs a commanding knowledge of color, translucency, and tooth shape, as well as a knowledge of the properties of these tooth-colored composites. There is a wide array of composites available. There are microfills, hybrids, micro-hybrids, and variations of these formulas. There are also a variety of bonding agents and tints. To manipulate them in order to achieve an esthetic and durable result requires knowing the physical properties of each: their strength, polishability, opacity, surface wear characteristics, flexibility, and other properties.

Here is an example of a case done by Dr. Arthur Chal. The patient had broken off his right lateral incisor in an industrial accident. The repair was accomplished in a one-hour office visit.


This is how the patient presented in Dr. Chal’s office. Notice how the entire biting edge of the tooth is broken off. General dentists, with only moderate training in cosmetic dentistry, would tend to insist on doing a full crown on this tooth, which would require grinding the tooth down all the way around and two appointments.

But, with an intimate knowledge of tooth bonding materials and techniques, Dr. Chal was able to restore the tooth much more conservatively. The surface near the break was roughened somewhat, and the tooth was built up to its original shape and appearance. Notice the complex gradations of color in the tooth and the bonding material. Notice the gloss of the repaired area and how it matches perfectly the gloss of the natural tooth. And notice the blend between the tooth and the bonding material, how it is impossible to tell where the junction is between the two. Doing this well requires advanced skills and careful attention to detail.

Tooth bonding requires artistic talent and the approach of a perfectionist like accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Arthur Chal.

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