Reshaping Teeth After Braces

My front top teeth are not straight and have little jagged edges on them. Can my orthodontist reshape them or do I need to ask my dentist to do this for me?

Thanks, Scotty in New Hampshire

Dear Scotty,

The dental term for reshaping of the teeth is called cosmetic contouring. You can have your orthodontist or dentist do this procedure however not all orthodontist or dentist are trained adequately enough in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Our first advise to you is not to have this procedure completed until your braces are completely removed because your teeth are still shifting with the braces on. Secondly ask your orthodontist and/or dentist if you are a good candidate for cosmetic contouring because not every one is. If so, ask them how comfortable they are performing the procedure on you as well as their experience. If you question their capabilities then your best option would be to see a highly skilled, expert cosmetic dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

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