Is Orthofill for You?

I am using Orthofill and it is the first day of use. When the gap closes during the first few weeks between my two front teeth can I just get my dentist to glue a small wire to the back of my teeth to keep it together permanently without having to do the 2 months of closing with the Orthofill method?

Thanks, Mandy in California

Dear Mandy,

Your best option would be to seek out an orthodontist or a dentist that has training in orthodontics. Most dentists that do not do orthodontics in their dental offices will not have the proper materials or experience to do this type of procedure. We would like to give you some information that you may not be aware of as well as some advice on closing your gap properly. First of all Orthofill is not for everyone and will not close a gap that is more then 3.5 millimeters apart. One of the drawbacks of orthofill is that it can create spaces in between other teeth. One of the reasons people have a space especially in between their two front teeth is because of the frenum and/or incisive papilla. The frenum is the tissue in between your two front teeth. If you pull your lip up you will be able to see your frenum which can cause some spacing. The tissue behind your two front teeth on the roof of the mouth is called the incisive papilla. If you pull your lip up, pull it away from your mouth, and notice blanching of the tissue on or near the incisive papilla it means that muscle fibers that are in the frenum are attached to the incisive papilla which restricts closure of the two front teeth. This means that the frenum will have to be clipped and the incisive papilla removed for proper closure of the teeth. This procedure is not always 100 % and relapse is still possible.

We recommend for proper alignment and spacing problems with the teeth you seek out an orthodontist who will be able to address your concerns and questions.

Cosmetic dentistry is another way to close a small gap in your front teeth using porcelain veneers or dental bonding. But if you are serious about beautiful cosmetic dentistry you need to seek the talents of a true cosmetic, preferably one affiliated with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This is because it takes an artistic point of view and extensive training beyond dental school to do this work well.

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