$30K in Cosmetic Dentistry, Down the Drain

I have struggled with bruxism and terrible tetracycline stains for all my life. So I finally moved forward with getting an all-porcelain, full-mouth reconstruction. It cost me over $30,000 when it was all said and done. Sadly, I’m devastated. I feel ripped off and can’t even explain my disappointment. The tetracycline stains are already visible and the veneers look opaque and make my teeth look big. I need to find an expert cosmetic dentist that I can trust. There has to be a way to cover up these stains but not loose the natural translucency of the teeth. Please help!

– Nichole in Ohio


As you have experienced, a full mouth reconstruction can be very expensive when porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers are used. It is very disheartening to hear that you are going through this because your cosmetic dentist performed poor work. Unfortunately, there are a very tiny percent of dentists (less than two percent) that can do cosmetic dentistry beautifully. Since cosmetic dentistry isn’t regulated, any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist. But as you know better than anyone, this doesn’t mean you are going to end up with excellent results. It’s time to find the an expert cosmetic dentist. You may have to travel in order to find one that will do excellent work.

Tetracycline stains are difficult to mask, but don’t lose hope. You need to find a cosmetic dentist that views cosmetic dentistry as an art form.  Characteristics to look for would be that of a perfectionist. Pretty much, the right cosmetic dentist will consider their work a failure, unless you absolutely love it. Interview the dentist, get a feel for their personality, ask to see similar tetracycline staining cases that they have done. Also, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is a prestigious organization and if a cosmetic dentist was affiliated with the AACD as a Fellow, that would speak very highly of the level of cosmetic dentistry services they provide.

All may not be lost. A highly artistic cosmetic dentist may be able to salvage or essentially recreate your smile and may possibly be able to use some of the existing veneers or crowns. Finding the right dentist needs to be your main focus.

Sorry you had to go through this disaster.

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