15K more for the same smile makeover?

After years of being embarrassed by my smile, I am ready to undergo a smile makeover. I have saved money in anticipation of this life changing procedure. I have always had what I considered horrible teeth. They are crooked, discolored, have some odd spaces and my gums hang low over my front teeth. I’ve been seeing the same dentist since I could remember; since early childhood. He is very confident we can achieve my desired outcome, and outlined the various stages of treatment and costs.

I consulted with another cosmetic dentist in the area who had raved reviews online. While his treatment plan was slightly different, the entire cost of treatment was about $15,000 more than my regular dentist proposed! If they’re doing almost the same thing, how can one dentist charge so much more than the other? I feel like I’d be crazy not to save $15K, especially when I’ve known the other dentist for most of my life!

– Karen in Florida


First off, congratulations on moving forward with your smile makeover! Having a beautiful smile that you’re confident about is so important in your overall well-being! That’s fantastic that you have a long history with your current dentist, and trust his treatment goals. I’m sure he is an excellent dentist, and the trust factor is very important.

However, choosing the best cosmetic dentist for a treatment on a scale such as this should have a separate, higher standard. Cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty by the ADA, and any general dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist. While, they likely have experience with an array of cosmetic procedures, in this case not all “cosmetic dentists” are created equal. A properly trained cosmetic dentist who has lots of experience in smile makeovers will have had many years of continuing education. The necessary steps and time it takes to do a job of this magnitude takes tremendous skill, and artistic ability. Along with the skill level of the doctor, expect them to use the best materials on the market, and use the most high end labs to create what they envisioned. All of the above is usually what culminates the expensive price tag. So, with a difference of $15K, you can probably anticipate these doctors are using materials and labs of a different quality. It is important to ask those questions regarding the labs and materials used, as well as looking at actual before and after photos of their work that you are intending of having done. Online testimonials and reviews are great to read too. Doing your homework in this scenario pays off. Most often, a top-notch result will come with a heavier price tag.

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