Preventing Tooth Decay with Bulimia

I’m overweight and just started binging and purging. I’m not sure I really have bulimia but I feel much better about myself after I do purge. I am only 5 ft 3 in and weight 175 lbs. So I don’t think I’m truly a bulimic because I’m not skinny. But I was reading some stuff on the internet that wars about the possibility of tooth decay from vomiting and I really want to know how to prevent this. I am vomiting once or twice a day and I brush right afterwards. So hopefully that helps, but I wanted to know if you have other recommendations. I don’t think I need to defend myself because I’m not being lazy. I just want to drop some weight quickly because I’m ready to make a change. And so I think that some exercise and starving myself with the occasional purge will work for me.

– Jessica in Florida


You have an eating disorder. Bulimia is not based on a person’s weight, but on the behavior. What you have described is bulimia. Aside from the tooth decay, the mental and physical ramifications can be life threatening if this condition is left treated.

The effects of bulimia on teeth are extremely detrimental. The stomach acid erodes the tooth structure and the teeth can become very brittle and over time they will be more prone to breaking and chipping, and in some cases can be lost. The only cure for prevention is to stop vomiting.

It’s time to see a counselor to deal with this eating disorder sooner than later. Please seek help! Each time you vomit you are taking years off of your life. Epileptic seizures, brain hemorrhage, and heart failure are all threats to a bulimic.

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