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As you listen to Dr. Chal’s patients, they clearly understand his expertise. He has an international reputation and the highest respect of medical professionals and other dentists. But what stands out for them is the intensity of his caring.

J.T., the bulimia patient who traveled over 600 miles to be treated by Dr. Chal, knew from his long list of achievements and awards that she was in very capable hands. But the first words of her testimonial talk about “his genuine compassion.” If you know anyone who has suffered from bulimia, you know what an emotional ordeal it is for them to open up and seek help. For her, the compassion was the most important part.

But if you know Dr. Chal, you will know that it’s the depth of his caring that drives his expertise. He is determined that every patient in his care receive the very best treatment, with no compromises or shortcuts.

When You Walk in The Door to His Office

As a new patient, when you walk in the front door, the first thing you will likely notice is that there is no “waiting room.” There is a comfortable reception area, but there is no waiting. You are the only patient scheduled for your time, and while you are in the office, you have Dr. Chal’s full attention. The atmosphere is intimate, and he sees one patient at a time.

You will start with a one-on-one interview with Dr. Chal in his private office where he will listen to you explain your needs and what you want from him. He’ll make sure that he fully understands before he moves forward. From there you will move into the operatory where you will experience what is truly a comprehensive dental examination. The foundation of excellent dentistry is getting all the information. Guesswork is never good enough if you are a patient of Dr. Chal’s. He needs to know the facts.

As you proceed through treatment, you will gain great respect for his talent and expertise. You will learn why his peers elected him as president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the largest international organization of cosmetic dentists. But it’s more than just cosmetic dentistry. He is a recognized expert in TMJ treatment, in complex oral reconstruction, and in implant dentistry. And if all you need is a cleaning or a couple of fillings, he will just do that for you and then set you up for regular maintenance.

Explore this website. Read about his credentials. If you are suffering from TMJ disorder and no other dentist has been able to help you, read the interesting story of what got Dr. Chal interested in developing expertise in that area of dentistry, and then continue to explore that section of this website. If you need a smile makeover, read how he designs a custom smile for every cosmetic dentistry patient, and then read all the information on that subject. If you have no remaining teeth and your face has collapsed, he can rebuild your smile with dental implants. And you will find this website a treasure trove of information on implantology. Or, if you just want a dentist who will take care of your basic needs without cutting corners, start by clicking here to read more about the new patient experience.

A Sample of Dr. Chal’s Work

If you need serious dental work done, you’ll want to do your research carefully. Examine Dr. Chal’s extensive smile gallery where you will see dozens of photos of his work. Or check the dental implant success stories, the testimonials of patients with TMJ disorder, or the general testimonials. To read more about J.T., the bulimia patient, check out his bulimia and teeth page. But to get you started, here is just one example we picked out of the hundreds.

Her name is Vicky. She was embarrassed about her smile. After discussing her needs and performing a comprehensive examination, Dr. Chal recommended bridgework to replace her missing teeth, and conservative porcelain veneers for her remaining front teeth. When conservative treatment will work, he believes in the most conservative treatment possible. As you examine the photos of the results, you will probably first notice the beautiful dental work. But that is only the surface of the story. Notice the more relaxed look in her face in the “after” photograph. Yes, Dr. Chal was “fixing teeth,” but what he was really treating was Vicky’s self-esteem. Comfortable now with her smile, Vicky, without any coaching, finished the makeover with a trip to the beauty salon. She was treated with Dr. Chal’s signature compassion and expertise, and now she feels so much better about herself.

And the especially comforting thing about this case is that it was done many years ago but it still looks beautiful today. A remarkable transformation? Yes, but it’s only one of hundreds that we see in our office on a regular basis.


Note – all photographs of patients displayed on this website are unretouched and taken by Dr. Chal in his office.


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