How long do dental implants last?

When dental implants were first developed back in the 1970s, they weren't very long-lasting. It took a lot of research and development to improve the success rate. Now, after more than three decades of clinical experience with over a million patients treated, statistics show that about 95 percent of individual implants are successful. The rate is even higher for bridges supported by implants.

Success is defined as remaining and in function over a five-year period.

How long do dental implants last today? That depends on a couple of factors. One, of course, is how well you take care of them. You need to brush and floss - keep them clean, to prevent inflammation around the implants.

Second, a lot depends on how well they were put in. Because dental implantology is such a new field and isn't yet a part of the standard dental school curriculum in all dental schools, many dentists are trying to place them when they haven't had the full education required to do them well. Also, many dentists are trying to cut their costs. For example, there are 200 companies making dental implant fixtures. Only six of these, however, produce fixtures certified by the American Dental Association. To be certified, they have to supply research demonstrating that the fixtures are safe and effective. If you have non-certified fixtures placed, your treatment will likely not last as long, because the chances of developing a loose implant, or infection, or other problem will be greater. Certified fixtures are made to very exacting tolerances, and these standards aren't followed for the "generic" fixtures.

But the temptation is high for dentists to use non-certified fixtures, because the high-quality certified ones cost about one hundred times as much. One part of the implant, for example, will cost $300-500 if it is a high-quality, carefully sterilized, exacting tolerance, name brand fixture. The same part will cost $3-5 if it is a non-name brand fixture, made in the Philippines. And the patient won't know the difference until possibly years later.

So how long do the implants last? It depends on you, and on the care and expertise of your dentist. Poor quality treatment can lead to implant failure.

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