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The primary focus in Dr. Chal's TMJ treatment approach is to intricately understand and relieve your pain. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome or TMJ dysfunction can be a debilitating condition. Problems with this joint can manifest as pain in the joint itself, headaches, locking of the jaw, difficulty chewing, or popping sounds when you move your jaw.

No two cases are alike and TMJ problems are difficult to treat. The temporomandibular joint is a complex joint. Unlike any other joint in your body, it allows a hinge motion and a sliding motion. And the way it functions is strongly related to the way your teeth come together. There are several muscles that connect to your jaw in complicated ways, and these muscles can feel healthy and rested, or they can become fatigued and the source of painful spasms.

For example, let's say that you have a lower first molar extracted. During the months after the extraction, your lower second molar is likely to tip into the space formerly occupied by the first molar. Additionally, your upper first molar will drift down. With these changes, your jaw, which used to fit together neatly, can be disrupted so there is now no completely comfortable rest position. This leads to muscle strain and jaw dysfunction. This is just one example of many complex situations that can develop and can result in debilitating headaches or other problems.

Dr. Arthur Chal of Phoenix, is recognized worldwide as an authority on TMJ function and TMJ treatment. This area of dentistry blends well with cosmetic dentistry, because the treatment often includes placing porcelain crowns on front teeth. Below is an example of a case treated by Dr. Chal.

before TMJ treatment after TMJ treatment
Before After

Notice how much more relaxed the face is in the "after" photograph. Also notice that the position of the lower jaw in relation to the upper is different as a result of treatment. Finding the correct position for the lower jaw is a key ingredient in the treatment, and is an issue which requires a great deal of expertise. The teeth are then restored to fit comfortably in that position.

Notice also the beautiful smile displayed in the "after" photograph. Besides having a great expertise in TMJ treatment, Dr. Chal always produces beautiful-looking cosmetic dentistry.

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