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Dr. Arthur Chal is a leading cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, Arizona. The first dentist in the Phoenix area to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Chal is also a past president of that academy and known internationally for his beautiful work and meticulous attention to detail. He has a long list of credentials, honors, and achievements.

The credentials are important. Accreditation is a credential developed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry to help the consumer identify competent cosmetic dentists. It's important because most dentists are not artistically inclined and have not taken the trouble to learn the highly specialized skills required to create beautiful smiles. For those who are, they can participate in the educational programs of the AACD, take their written, clinical, and oral examinations, and become accredited.

But the credentials are important only in the context of the larger question: What can Dr. Chal do for you? Let's answer that question with an illustration using a case that is representative of what he does regularly in his office.

Her name is Pat. Her husband came to Dr. Chal first, for a full-mouth reconstruction and smile makeover. Pat's request was straightforward—she was 59 years old and wanted a beautiful new smile that was uniquely hers—feminine, delicate, stunning, and more attractive than her husband's. This kind of desire is typical of anyone who wants a smile makeover, but it isn't always expressed. Dr. Chal understands. No two people have the same appearance, preferences, and personality, and thus every smile should be different. Dentists aren't trained to be that aesthetically sensitive, and the typical dentist approaches making a new smile very much like fixing a broken tooth. But Dr. Chal creates a work of art, unique for each person.

Phoenix cosmetic dentist smile makeover face before Phoenix cosmetic dentist smile makeover face after

Pat, before

Cosmetic dentistry teeth and smile before

Pat, before

Cosmetic dentistry teeth and smile after

Pat, after

Pat, after

The gorgeous results speak for themselves. Pat is now "59 and fabulous" and grateful for her new look.

Thank you to Mark Skalny, photographer, for the "after" photograph (

Explore this website to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, and about Dr. Chal and his work.

Dr. Chal, who does beautiful porcelain veneers is the recommended cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, Arizona by He is also available as a dental expert witness.

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To render an opinion on your case, Dr. Chal will plan on spending quality time evaluating your situation. Plan on spending an hour or more with him at your appointment.

To help you plan your budget, please allow for a cost of $150 - $300 for this appointment. Plan also on receiving an expert and accurate analysis. Because of the quality time involved, we regret being unable to provide free consultations, free second opinions, or estimates over the phone.

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Dr. Arthur Chal


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